Keeping Your Home Warm In The Winter


The snow and winter weather are officially here in the Pacific Northwest. The temperatures have dropped significantly just in time for the holidays. Keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter season can often times be a little challenging. There always seems to be a slight draft of cold winter air sneaking in from somewhere or the inevitable break down of the furnace at the most inconvenient time possible.

Here are some tips to help you prepare and keep your home comfortable this winter.

  • Change the air filters: It may seem like a small step but its crucial in to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. If your air filter is dirty your system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home and can increase your energy bill.

  • Check your windows and doors for leaks: Cold air can sneak in and warm air can go out through cracks in window and door frames. Insure any leaks are stopped to keep energy costs lower throughout the cold months.

  • Have your HVAC system evaluated: Regular tune ups help your HVAC equipment work properly and as efficiently as they can. Fall is typically the best time for a tune up, but it’s better late than never. A trained professional will be able to detect signs of wear and tear before it cause major issues.

  • Update your HVAC system: If your HVAC equipment is getting old it may not be working as well as it did when it was first purchased. Read more about when to repair or replace your HVAC system here.

  • Check your insulation: As with most things, insulation doesn’t last forever. Have your insulation checked and replaced if needed to help hold you home at the desired temperature.

These tips will help keep your HVAC system running well and your energy bill lower. Give D&R Heating and Air a call to schedule a tune up or repair broken equipment.

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