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The best time to check if the furnace is working properly is just before the cold season begins. At D&R Heating & Air, we provide routine maintenance services for residential furnaces to ensure they have everything they need to function optimally all winter long. We also delivered dependable furnace repair, replacement, and service. When our techs are on the job, there's no need to worry about a furnace developing issues that cause it to immediately break down and leave the household stuck without heat. 

For those who are curious about which furnace would be best for their home and the costs involved with purchasing a new unit, our experienced professionals can provide reliable advice and recommendations. Once the perfect unit is chosen, we’ll ensure it gets installed correctly for optimal performance and maximum longevity. 


Homeowners in need of furnace services in Portland know they can trust D&R Heating & Air for quality products and workmanship. Call (503) 822-3794 or contact us online to request a free estimate! 


Is Servicing a Furnace That Important?

HVAC professionals recommend that furnaces be serviced at least once a year. During a maintenance appointment with D&R Heating & Air, our technicians make sure furnace systems are operating as they should and running smoothly. The process of maintaining a furnace includes several steps, including inspecting the unit, cleaning, and lubricating system components, testing the pilot light, calibrating the unit for optimal efficiency, and checking for any issues. 

Investing in routine maintenance for a furnace provides several benefits, including:

  • It ensures the HVAC system is working properly 
  • It helps the unit to run as efficiently as possible 
  • It minimizes the cost to operate the unit 
  • It improves indoor air quality and protects the household members’ health 
  • It prevents major damage and expensive repairs 
  • It extends the lifespan of the furnace 
  • It fulfills the manufacturer’s requirement to keep a warranty valid 


Why Choose Us?

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  • Providing Service to The Metro Area for Over 30 Years

When to Schedule Furnace Repairs 

If a furnace develops a problem in between service appointments, the best thing to do is to call an HVAC professional as soon as possible. The longer an issue is left to faster, the greater potential it has to cause significant damage. 

Common warning signs that it’s time to have a furnace repaired include:

  • Unusual furnace smells 
  • Difficulty starting the unit and keeping it running 
  • A pilot light that appears a different color than blue 
  • Inadequate heating throughout the home 
  • Uneven temperatures from room to room 
  • Strange and loud noises 
  • Furnace-related indoor air quality problems 
  • Higher than normal heating bills 


In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace the furnace than to repair it. Typically, replacement becomes a viable option when the furnace is over 10 years old. If the furnace requires frequent or costly repairs or simply cannot perform as efficiently as it used to, it will save money to invest in a new unit. 

“The technician that came to my house was very professional and polite. I will recommend this company to anyone who needs there furnace fixed. Great staff and company.”

Tina W.

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